The variable puzzle …..

There are too many pieces … or not enough pieces ?
You can chose the number of pieces by row and by column by using the "+" and "-" buttons.

To play, click in the right part of the screen, on the chosen piece of the puzzle.
Then drag it to the left part of the screen and click on the chosen square.
To remove a piece from a previously chosen square (left part of the screen), click on it. To put it back in the right part of the screen, click where you want outside the set of squares in the left part of the screen.
To have a look at the model while playing, click on the "Model" button.

As soon as you have finished to put the pieces of the puzzle in the left part of the screen, the pieces which are not at the right place are automatically put in the right part of the screen. Try again. When all pieces are at -the right place, you win !

To replay the puzzle with the same number of pieces, click on the " New Game " button.

Good luck !

Illustration : Françoise Paris. Copyright 2001, De Marque inc.
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