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To separate the Red and the Yellow little men (it is an example, the colours are chosen at random by the computer) the monster has built a huge invisible wall you can't get over. If you succeed in putting magic stones all along that border, the wall will disappear and the Red and the Yellow little men will be able to be happy together again ! But beware of the monster...

Click on a square. A little man or a white magic stone appears. All the little men on the same side of the border are of the same colour. The border is a horizontal or a vertical or a diagonal line (a diagonal line is at least three square long).

Each time you click, the monster puts 2 traps (the crosses). If you click on a trap located on the border, it's replaced by a magic stone. If you click on a trap not located on the border, the monster appears and you lose...

The number of traps put each time you click can be chosen between 0 and 9 by keying in the chosen number in the field "number of traps". You can also use the + and - buttons.

There are 2 levels in this game.

Good luck !