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Who will get the highest score ? You or the Taxman ?

Chose a number in the list (click on the round button located at the left of the number). Be careful, the Taxman will take all the divisors of the chosen number (except the number itself) which are present in the list ! For example, if you chose 9, the Taxman will take 1 and 3. Your score is 9, the Taxman's score is 1+3=4.

You can only chose numbers which have divisors still displayed.
If none of the remaining numbers have a divisor in the list, the Taxman will take them.

You can chose your maximum number between 10 and 50 (the highest numbers are for adults...). You can key in that number in the field "Maximum number" then click on "New game" or click on the + or - buttons.

Good luck !




Divisor :
An integer p is a divisor of an integer n if the remainder of the division of n by p is zero.

For example :
- if I divide 21 by 7, the result is 3 and the remainder is zero ; so 7 is a divisor of 21.
- if I divide 21 by 5, the result is 4 and the remainder is 1 ; so 5 is not a divisor of 21.




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So I'll be able to up-date the list of scores. Thank you !

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